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Helloo Moooshooos
So Most of the stuff I am wearing is from the event 
Wizarding Fair with the theme from Harry Potter!¨
Ofc as any other harry potter lover i fangirled so hard.
I think they pulled it off so amazingly. I mean have u seen the 
sim. GOD DAMN its soooooo beautiful. Dem Details! 
I couldnt get this post out earlier sadly :c But better late then never.
WELL MOOSHOOS hope your all creeping your neighbors tonight :} <3

From your one and only...



Dress:The Secret Store - Lulu Vintage dress NEW
Socks:*MCMesh* OTK Socks NEW
Shoes: Fri. Allison boots
Wand: [S] - The wand Wizarding Fair
Frog:::BB:: Frogs and Toads Wizarding Fair
Hair:(Chemistry) Hair - Tamora
Skin: [PF] Harley
 Necklace:.Olive. the Sorting Necklace - Green/Gold Wizarding Fair

Hair:Catwa Mesh Stella NEW
Shirt:*Boom* Travelers Tee NEW
Shorts: *Boom* Estate Shorts NEW
Bag: [Aux] Old Leather Satchel D.Brown Wizarding Fair
Hat:FatePlay Free Dumbledore hat Wizarding Fair
Pet: MIAMAI Maganimals Wizarding Fair
Wand: Fateplay - Donald Wand Wizarding Fair
Pouch: Essences : the Magic Pouch Wizarding Fair
Scarf: Fateplay - Evans - Lion Wizarding Fair
Skin: [PF] Harley
Shoes:(fd) Bossy Boots - Plain Purple

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 ChuChu 154
Helloo moooshooos <3
Alright so all i wanted to talk to you about now is that
soon there will be a amazing new event starting called Wizarding Fair
So be ready for some roleplaying madness! The theme will be most about
Harry potter but i heard there will be other things aswell!
 Omg i seriously cant wait, this is 
going to be so amazingly fun!


Hair:^;^CaTwA^;^ Juliet - NEW
Skin:[PF] Harley <Vanilla> 
Shirt:/// offbeat /// Color Knit - dark - brown @SFW Hurry!
Shorts:{mon tissu} Tulip Shorts  ~ Spring Rose@SFW Hurry!
Undershirt:Pink Acid Long Sleeve Half Top - Metallic Blue @SFW Hurry!
Shoes:fri. - Allison.Boots (Nutmeg)
Bag:*tentacio* Kyo bag @SFW Hurry!
Necklace:-FAUN-Snake Charmer Necklace -Gold-  @SFW Hurry!
Skin:[PF] Harley <Vanilla>

Clock:Essences: The Essence of a Time Lord NEW
Coat:NYU - Poncho-Cape Trench Coat, Navy Blue 
Snood:(Milk Motion) wool snood - tartan 
Leggings:{Sugar Heart} Tights ~ Lovely
Shoes:Color.Me.H.O.F Mesh Rider boots Chocolate
Hair: ^;^Catwa^;^ Mesh JuliaNEW

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 ChuChu 153
Hellooo moooshooos <333

I have seriously been waiting so long for IOS 7 so i was creeping up on my
phone all day waiting for it. I got hungry waiting so i decided to make some
panncakes and omg.. i cant not do panncakes. 
Ah anyway, when i was done i got spammed with people saying Omg. MY apple instincts started
running and  i joined the OMG club. 
My internet sucks for somereason so i have been waiting so soooo long and then finally
it said 18 mins left. I was so happy and then its like '' We had a problemo, too bad for you ''
But yea...
sooon.. :{D
Hope ya enjoy this post and stuff
Your one and only....
//Fuc-...imean duck..myinternet

Pose: Imeka - Sora NEW (Welcome back <33)

Hair:(Chemistry) Hair - Anemone - HUD.2 NEW
Flowers:*BOOM* Tiare Hair Flower Set (hot pink/bright yellow)
Mouse:!Ohmai: Nezumi Mochi Ice Cream NEW @ Designers United V
Antlers:+Half-Deer+ Metallic Leaf-Vein Antlers NEW @ SLfashionWeek
Shirt:B.C.C Breakfast At Tiffany's knit Vintage flower NEW @ Seasons Story
Pants:[whatever] lowjeans NEW @ SLfashionWeek
Shoes:::BB:: Leeke Doll Shoes DOTTED BLUE
Bag:(Milk Motion) The donut bag - strawberry
Skin:[PF] Harley <Vanilla> 
Bracelet:O.M.E.N - Cube Bracelets NEW @ SLfashionWeek

Skin:[PF] Harley <Vanilla> Hair:TRUTH HAIR Renata -  reds NEW
Hat::: Howl :: - Twin CAP ( Brooklyn Red ) NEW @ Seasons Story
Shirt:blossom - sweatshirts - navy NEW @ SLfashionWeek
Pants:B.C.C Scarlett Pants Lace NEW @ Seasons Story
Shoes:fri. - Allison.Boots 
Bracelet:* faun Pave Bear Trap Set NEW @ SLfashionWeek
Mouse:::BB:: Bubble Pipe NEW @ Designers United V

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 ChuChu 152
Hellu Mooshooos <3
Yayy, i finally got the time to blog /o/
This is a special moment for me.... 
Well anyway i got some cute potatoes here. 
I LOVE the Coat by Fabulously dead, pure love right there its so adorable, like BAM.
I found the Maitreya pants when i was creeping out at marketplace and oh my lord.
My eyes have never seen such loveliness. DAT BUTT.. and other things.
I love the whole scalloped idea and i fell in love with the new shirt from The Secret store.
It comes in 2 versions, one with lace and one without.
Due to my ''no time for fun sheduele'' I didnt get the chance to get my hands on
pink fuels latest skin, Harley. But now i did and i farted rainbows.
I looove it she did such and amazing job. I owe you my soul.
oh yea i wanted to change layout a little because the balls.. they were like
taking over the outfits xD. They were just to much to handle so i repositioned them and i like
this muuch better.
Ah.. Anyway i hope it wont take 1 year before next post... Hahaha...ha..

Your one and only..

Poses:Marukin and Imeka - By Nati Williams And Valencia Southard <3

Skin:[PF] Harley <Vanilla> - NEW
Hair:Exile::Counting Stars Dark Reds NEW ( i think.. )
Shirt:The Secret Store - Scallop Sweater - Crimson NEW
Pants:.:villena:. - tucked up jeans in dark blue
Shoes:(fd) Platform Cuties - Nude NEW @ Arcade
HeadThing:[AUX] Gacha_Purrrfect Headband - Purple NEW @ Arcade
Necklace:{Dead Apples} Antlers Chain Necklace - Brown Wood/Gunmetal NEW @ Arcade
Necklace2:{Sleepy Eddy} Pocket Watch Necklace (Red) NEW @ Arcade

Skin:[PF] Harley <Vanilla> - NEW
Hair:Exile::Sparkle And Fade Dark Reds NEW
Coat:(fd) Romantic Coat - Brown NEW@Soon at Collab88
Pants:Maitreya Leather Skinny Pants * Byzantium
Shoes:::LC:: Spice Platform Sneaker -  Black 
Ears:+Half-Deer+ Velven Bunny Ears (Darkheart) NEW @ Arcade
Necklace:[tea.s] Star Key Necklace NEW @ SLFashionWeek
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 Freaking school. .. .. .. . .
Gaaaaaaah, im so late on everything x.x
I have a bunch of stuff going on right now so i cant find the time to blog!!! gAH
i tried yesterday but it just couldnt happen x.x Gah.
Im going to take a short vacation really just like a half week though. So i can get 
my school poop in place. 
.... I wanna blog :c ,

i will blog asoon as im done with my stuff in RL
wont take long though but yea. Ducks.
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